1. I’m using my bike again after a friend crashed and split her chin, after I ate tar and ripped up a lucky pair of pants, after a soar in crime scared away my sense of freedom. Biking gives me time to think. It’s meditative. I biked home from my first Women in Leadership short course session earlier, in the biting winter dark, my scarf wrapped up to my cheekbones. It’s satisfying to be constructively busy and to burst my comfort-zone bubble. A lot of the evening was focused on women - and yes, go girl power/feminist advocacy/”from Adam’s rib to women’s lib"/equal rights/yada yada. It’s wonderful, but EQUAL in the sense of being objectively impartial and open-minded is what it’s all about (in my opinion). It reminded me of how conversation tends to get caught up in defining what it is to be a woman or a man, and as a result we over-categorise and create our own stereotypes to fight against. As global citizens we forget to celebrate - while still fighting the good fight! - that we are all just human beings holding unique personality traits and alternative strengths and with contributions to make, as well as those countless confidence-killing faults. My bike ride home allowed me to settle on the thought that I’m all about the individual. The individual with integrity. Individuals who inspire, who do good, who make an effort, who are motivated, who smile; individuals who are higher-vibration souls. I’ve become acutely aware of actively seeking those who, in the words of Rumi, “fan your flames”. 

  2. I’m wrapping up projects/work/life in Cape Town since it’s the end of our winter vacation. It’s been mellow, unlike the inevitable energetic craze hot summer holidays seem to bring; beach sand between my toes, balmy rooftop drinks out, olive skin, garden parties, getting lost in a book beneath the bougainvilleas. Today was my last day (sort of) as a Pichulik intern. We spent it on location shooting a sneak-peak of the SS15 collection before fashion week next week. You can treat it as the unofficial lookbook teaser. I also wrote a piece for their blog. In a few days it’ll be back to university grind for me and I can’t wait! Well, kind of. All my friends - basically my second family - from around the country will be back in one place again. So, back to ‘reality’, to a full time degree, a part-time journalism vibe, and a ‘Women in Leadership’ semester short course. 

    On a side note, I’m currently crushing on Man Repeller. I don’t know why it took me this long to get all borderline creep about it, but it was Amelia Diamond’s write up on What Would You Wear If You Were Marrying Yourself that was the cherry on the delicious top. Style, hard work, humour, intelligence. Not in that order.

  3. Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) is a neighbourhood non-profit project that celebrates local food, culture, and a community of individuals working together to engage in small-scale food production in the City Bowl of Cape Town. You can find the freshest organic seasonal fruits and veggies, herbs, honey, plants and more at their Saturday morning markets! My newest discovery is the “flexiterian” Sexy Food barefoot breakfast. As part of the 10-part ‘Food Dialogues' series on the food system in Cape Town (“a platform for sharing ideas about creating a healthier, more conscious and just food system in the Mother City”), OZCF organised a tour of food-growing sites around the city. Yesterday, on a drizzly winter’s Sunday, I rediscovered the power of choices and the influence one individual holds to create change each and every day. It is information I want to pass on! Being interested and increasingly involved in the sustainability movement it was great to tag along and learn, even though I’m more into transformative design and permaculture rather than the organic farming aspect - mostly because I can’t even keep my cactus potplant alive for longer than a month. I will be posting more about the tour (and more photos) on the City Sightseeing blog, so keep an eye out for that. For now:

    "We began tour at OZCF, where the active citizens/volunteers share a vision of a more self-reliant economy. Nazeer Sonday of Food and Farming for the Cape Flats met us in the Philippi Horticultural Area, introducing us to emerging farmers and sharing a few eye-opening facts. Fifty kinds of veggies are grown in the Philippi area which supplies around 50% of Cape Town’s produce. The government does little to protect this and as a result our food security is under threat. Next, we visited the Abalimi Bezekhaya (“Farmers of the Home”) community-run gardens at the Gugulethu Comprehensive School, who sell their produce in a weekly organic box scheme as part of Harvest for Hope. Our last stop of the tour was Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre, an outdoor learning farm in Mitchell’s Plain, which falls part of SEED.”

    Despite the rain, the mud and my cold toes, it was a fascinating informative day that planted a few seeds in my mind about my lifestyle. You can watch the rest of the talks online right over here - really rad motivational get-off-your-ass-and-go-do-it information!

  4. I’ve been getting my internship game on at Pichulik this past week (first week in the bag!) and it’s been rad. The art of boldly handcrafted neckpieces is on a heeltemal different creative spectrum compared to my graphic design education, but hey, learning something new is wonderful. Also, it’s the entrepreneurial kick in me - I am inspired by courageous and brave women, especially those who are doing it for themselves. Yeah! Kat, the founder and designer of the brand, is mixing business with pleasure in Istanbul (her travels make me envious) and I’m helping out in the studio with photo taking, letter writing, product tagging, material sourcing, blog posting. It’s good to be working amongst the bustle of Woodstock and the Cape Town city centre energy; the views on the drive to the studio are why I am obsessed with my city. Also, I’ve had the new The Black Keys on repeat to beat the traffic blues. All photos are taken from my instagram.

  5. I’ve moved over here, and I’m turning this into more of a journal/process-orientated/travelogue kind of internet space. Check it out!